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Amanda Bacolas

Robert & Tracy

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 04/04/2023
"Jennifer and Amanda were awesome. I can't imagine a better experience than we had with them selling our home."
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John M.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 02/28/2023
"Amanda & Jennifer are very professional, they kept me up to date and listened to me. I found they were very easy to work with. I loved their attention to detail and would recommend them with out question."

Nancy & Bernie D.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 01/27/2023
"Amanda and Jennifer kept me informed of open houses, market changes and possible prospects."
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Marni & Jeff G.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 01/20/2023
"Absolutely the best selling 2 homes for us!"

Diane H.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 01/18/2023
"Very professional agents to work with. My overall experience is rated excellent."

Nona C.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 11/17/22
"Thanks for making it so easy!"

Virginia F.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 10/26/22
"Jennifer and Amanda kept me informed and made suggestions in a timely manner. I appreciate all they did for me and I am pleased with their work."

Cathy O.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 10/07/22
"Jennifer was great! Being out of state, selling my dad's house would have been difficult. Jennifer provided updates as we went through the process. She went above and beyond to help getting the house ready to sell. I could not have sold this house without her!"

Sue G.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 08/22/22
"Jennifer was wonderful!!"

Brian A.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 07/22/22
""I am not a huge fan of testimonials. I spoke with the broker prior to signing a contract with her, just to get some feedback because she is such a young broker/agent. We discussed my concerns and I have never turned back/we have never turned back from enlisting her as our agent. Being of a former military background, I am not used to accepting second-best from anybody, and I mean from anybody. Jennifer did not disappoint in anyway. In military terms, she went above and beyond, our expectations as a realtor. Not only did she assist with the paperwork, she as well coordinated the contractors, the other real estate agents, and supervised the work that needed to be done. Communication is a huge issue between clients and realtors, we’ve dealt with enough realtors that are just worthless because they just want to lead the pack so to speak and not so much worried about the client.  What more could a client ask? Answer, just in case you were wondering, nothing . There is absolutely nothing more we could’ve asked of Jennifer, she was already ahead of the game in every aspect. I would recommend/we would recommend Jennifer for any property/anywhere/any time.  Just a word to the wise. You are fortunate to have such a hard-working young lady with her commitment to Long Realty. One would expect you to do whatever is required to retain this young lady for as long as she desires to be a real estate agent."
bill and linda.jpg

Bill & Linda W.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 06/28/22
"Selling a home can be a daunting experience. If you're looking for a great realtor, look no further than Jennifer Quinn. Jennifer is a professional, hardworking and will guide you through the process with ease. She is a master of coordination and communication. She certainly went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you Jennifer for being such a rare gem!!"
jack k.jpg

Jack K.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 05/24/22
"We recently listed our home, in Sun City West Az, for sale with realtor Jennifer Quinn of Long Realty. Jennifer did a fantastic job selling our house! She not only got us our full listing price, but also sold our house in 7 days. She is the consummate professional who guided us through the whole process, kept us informed at all times and did it with a smile and a great personality! If you are looking for a great realtor, I'd recommend JENNIFER QUINN!!!!"
10415 w kingswood.jpg

Kathy & Mike R.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 05/03/22
"I am pleased to provide this Testimonial in support of the excellent service we were provided by Jennifer Quinn of Long Realty.  We met Jennifer while working thru my Uncle’s estate procedures.  She had been recommended to me by a friend and neighbor of my Uncle.  Jennifer was timely in her market assessment and helped us with options in dealing with some of the estate challenges we encountered.  She treated us as a “partner” in building a good sales strategy for the properties pre-prep, staging and listing.  We sold quickly and without issue.  Throughout the entire process from listing to close, Jennifer remained in constant communication which was very important to us as we do not live in the State and needed to conduct this transaction remotely.  We can completely recommend this individual’s excellent service and professionalism.!!"

Kent K.

Amanda Bacolas
SOLD 04/12/22
"Jennifer Quinn did an outstanding job handling my estate sale from staging the house for viewing , cleaning, suggesting options for marketing the property. She kept me informed every step of the way, answering questions, setting goals and closing the deal in record time and way above our asking price. Outstanding customer service!!"
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