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What kind of marketing do Jennifer Quinn and Amanda Bacolas offer?

Amanda Bacolas
Amanda Bacolas
Amanda Bacolas

Good marketing can bring higher prices in a seller's market and it can mean the difference between "sold" or "expired" in a buyer's market. Good marketing might not sell your house but it will make the phone ring and if buyers don't call, you won't sell.

Amanda Bacolas and Jennifer Quinn put a lot into their marketing. Every home is different, and some need more marketing than others. When there is high inventory the best thing you can do is put energy into marketing the home to the best of your ability! 

The sister's strategy includes:

  • Open houses

  • Print advertisement

  • Social media advertising

  • Putting your home into MLS

  • handing out flyers

Here are some examples below of what Amanda and Jennifer can do for you!

Marketing Done Right For You!

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