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Amanda Bacolas on How To Have a Successful Open House as a Real Estate Agent

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Amanda Bacolas
Amanda Bacolas

As many agents are aware, it is very important to hold open houses. For some agents they are new to the area and are looking for ways to market themselves and find potential buyers or sellers without representation. For most other agents it necessary to hold open houses to bring traffic to their listing and receive people's feedback about the property to alert their seller client.

Regardless of the need to hold an open house here are some great tips to assure you have a successful open house!

Tips For A Successful Open House

Amanda Bacolas open house
Amanda Bacolas open house

Days leading up to the open house make sure to market the open house. You will want to schedule the open house in MLS first most. When doing this your listings open house will show on many sites such as Zillow and Redfin and will show the day and time of the open house. Next you will want to post about the open house in Facebook groups relating to real estate in the area your home is located in. You can also make an event on Facebook as well alerting your friends and followers of the open house. Another wonderful idea for marketing your open house is going around the neighborhood the home is located in. The day prior knock-on neighbor's doors and introduce yourself as the agent holding an open house at the house for sale in their neighborhood and inviting them to come 30 minutes before the open house is set to start to make them feel like VIP's. This is also a great way to introduce yourself to many people and hopefully to making connections to possibly helping them buy/sell a home in the future!

So, it's the day of the open house!

Make sure you have plenty of open house signs and place them where at major cross streets and make sure they are visible to cars driving by but also don't block any sidewalks. Anywhere between 4-6 signs is good but you can always add more! Just make note of exactly where you put your signs, so you don't lose them!

Here are some things I suggest having at your open house to really set it apart from other open houses!

  • decorations

  • property detail report

  • open house kit through a title company

  • attractive flyers for the property with pictures if possible

  • drinks

  • candy or pastries

  • your own business cards

  • a table and chair

  • music

When doing an open house decorations are not completely necessary but it is a way to elevate your open house and

set them apart for other open houses in the area going on at the same time! It can be as simple as having fresh or fake flowers in a vase to having your own banner up on the wall. Get creative!

Make sure you have a specific spot where all the property info is located including the open house kit materials, property flyers, property descriptions, business cards, guest sign in, and open house feedback cards for you to report back to the seller off the home. If you have multiple listings, it's not a bad idea to have another separate spot set up just for that so it can draw attention to your other listings!

This isn't completely necessary but having a refreshment and treat counter set up is a great way to have your guests leaving the open house feeling like they were pampered! At the very least have water bottles ready to grab for your open house guests!

Set up a table with a decorative tablecloth and chair so while you wait for people to flood into the open house you can get some work done and respond to emails!

Don't forget to bring a Bluetooth speaker! There is nothing worse than an empty quiet house, so fill up the empty house with music that can set the mood for people to want to put offers on your listing!

Amanda Bacolas
Amanda Bacolas open house ideas

Final Tips:

  • Try not to hover over guests, let them roam without you following and ask for their feedback when they are done

  • try not to work an open house alone for safety reasons

  • bring a broom, hand soap, toilet paper, cleaning spray, and paper towels for cleanup

Written by Amanda Bacolas of Long Realty West Valley

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You just wrote the recipe to host an open house to make clients enjoy the visit, rather than feel it's another stop on the chorelist! Fantastic points 👏


Ash D
Ash D
Oct 10, 2022

What a great article! Even as someone who isn’t in real estate, knowing that an agent and their company are willing to share their ideas and information shows how educated they are. I would use them in the future, Amanda is great!


Very informative article and well written!


This article is a real eye opener for any one getting into the real estate business and wanting to grow their income potential!


Wonderful article. Amanda and Jennifer are the best in the business.

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